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Dead River Chair Company

Stepping straight out of a Castle Freeman novel in rural Vermont onto the plains of the Cherwell Delta, the Dead River Chair Company aim is to link the music from both sides of the Atlantic into a seamless whole.

Whether it’s

Dave Smith

Dave just likes good music. Born in the forties and therefore an ancient, he absorbed the change in popular music from Bing Crosby and Frankie Laine through to Lonnie Donegan, skiffle and then the Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly.

English folk

Robbie Jessep

Robbie is an acoustic musician from Devon who, having spent the last 7 years in Hampshire has finally moved back to his spiritual home in the West Country, in the beautiful picture postcard town of Bradford-On-Avon.

An early hero of his

Matt Keen

Matt is into roots music, whatever culture it comes from.

Born in the fifties in England he was immersed in American music like many of us. Though not the music of his own country, much of it never the less, feels