Matt Keen

Matt is into roots music, whatever culture it comes from.

Born in the fifties in England he was immersed in American music like many of us. Though not the music of his own country, much of it never the less, feels like home.

So, does the Cotswold Morris Tunes and all the great songs and customs of Britain, and England in particular. So, Matt’s music reflects both sides of the Atlantic. The American side seems to come from Appalachia with trips up to Tulsa, the English especially from Southern England.

Matt has been involved in roots music since the ’80s, with a particular love for slide guitar, as well as acoustic instruments and the mighty Telecaster.

Matt was also one of the founders of Outrider Recording Studios in Northampton and has also worked on many location recording sessions, both contemporary and classical.

Matt’s has 2 other CDs (available on Bandcamp) under his own name. “Previously” – a compilation of older recordings, and the more recent “Dissent” – a traditional folk based album centred on John Clare and the Quaker dissenting tradition, have now been followed by his new album Holy River.

Holy River is Matt’s first release with Chalkhills Music. Holy River was put together by a small sympathetic group of musicians. Rebecca Percival, the fabulous midlands based percussionist and the award winning bass player Roger Innis, along with Dave Smith, dhol player Simon Tipping and Jane Roberts all contributed hugely to the development of the recordings. The tracks were written and performed in a very instinctive way, and the outcome is an album full of rich harmonic textures, that weaves landscape with emotion, American with English and song with instrumental.